Bristol’s Clean Air Zone

March 14, 2022

Bristol’s Clean Air Zone
In the summer of 2022 Bristol will be implementing its clean air zone. It will operate through the centre of Bristol in areas where pollution is the highest.
If your moving to Bristol or currently living there I have attached a map of the zone highlighting the operation area alternatively follow this link to an interactive map.

The zone is the chargeable area that is in operation 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It aims to restrict the heavier polluting vehicles from the zone and encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport or encourage the use of cleaner vehicles. You can still enter the zone but there will be charges if your vehicle does not meet the standard required. If you would like to to check if your vehicle meets this standard or see what the charges are please Click Here

If your vehicle doesn’t meet the standard you can apply for grants or interest free loans to replace your vehicle to one that meets the standard. Please see below for help available and where to apply.

Clean Air Zone support by vehicle type
Vehicle type Grant per vehicle Loan per vehicle Funding award
Car £2,000 £5,000 £879,189
Taxi PHV £1,500 £9,000 £1m
Taxi Hackney £4,000 £9,000 £1.3m
LGV (vans and larger vehicles under 3.5 tonnes) £4,000 £16,000 £9.6m
HGV £16,000 £26,000 £743,772
Coach £16,000 £35,000 £1.1m

Charges to drive in the zone for non compliant vehicles.

Bristol’s Clean Air Zone charges
Vehicle category Daily charge
Private petrol cars £9
Private diesel cars £9
Taxis £9
Light Goods Vehicle (under 3.5t.) £9
Heavy Goods Vehicle (over 3.5t.) £100
Buses £100
Coaches £100
Charges would apply:
* 24 hours a day
* seven days a week
Non-compliant vehicles would only be charged once in each 24-hour period. If you live within the zone and drive a non-compliant vehicle, you’ll only be charged if you make a journey.

To apply for a grant or interest free loan follow this link register your interest for financial support Click Here

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